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Julio Alejandro Murra-Saca MD.
Gastroenterologist, Coloproctologist
Tel : (503) 2226-3131, (503) 2225-3087, Celular (503) 7887-2507
Edificio Centro Scan, Colonia Médica, San Salvador, El Salvador.


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Notes on Cyber Gastroenterology


Fisura Anal Anal Fissures or Anal ulcers are considered one of the
commonest causes of severe anal pain.
Painful fissures are generally associated with spasm of internal sphincter.
The internal sphincter is an involuntary muscle, a continuation of the circular muscle, a continuation of the circular muscle layer of the colon and rectum.
Anal fissures occur with equal frequency in males and females, in males,
the fissure is nearly always in the posterior midline. Females are a little more likely to have anterior fissures, although the posterior localization still remains the common.
fissures seem to be most common,in young adulthood and midle age.
The image displays an Anal Fissure.

Fisura  Anal
Endoscopic view of a anal fisure.

Perianal tuberculosis

Perianal tuberculosis

Thrombosed Hemorrhoids, masive thrombosis

Acuminatum condyloma, 58 year old male with hepatic cirrhosis.


The Image Displays Fistula in ano
Another Image of Peri anal Fistula

Trombosed Hemorrhoid

Prolapsing Hemorrhoid with External Mucocutaneus fold.

Large Anal hypertrophied papillae that introduced into
the rectum.


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